Nothing Rhymes With Thirteen

Nothing rhymes with thirteen.

At twelve you can delve. At eleven there’s heaven. At ten there’s pen or hen or den or Ben.

But Thirteen? Not a single thing even resembles thirteen. Maybe that’s why it is such a difficult age. It seems as though at any given moment, little girls at thirteen think they are women (you know, thirteen going on thirty-seven) and not a moment later, that same ‘woman’ is sitting on your lap shedding waves of tears because her BFF won’t talk to her.

A few weeks ago, my 13-year-old granddaughter made an interesting post on her Face Book page. It went something like this: I’ll be so glad when I get my iPhone and can escape from this Wi-Fi jail. Quite frankly, it cracked me up but I don’t think her mother was all that amused.

How often have you or I posted our own mutterings, “I’ll be so glad when I can get a new car”? Or grumbled to God “I’m so tired of this job” or “I wish my husband would pay more attention to me”.

In Ephesians 5:20, Paul reminded us,
“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ”.

No, thirteen doesn’t rhyme with anything but then, a grumbling heart at any age does not create pleasant verse.

Perhaps it’s time to rewrite this teenager’s (or grown woman’s) book and STOP! In the name of Love ♪♪ … remember that song? Yes, stop in the name of love and see how that works ..
Thank you Father, It’s no bother. To give you Glory in every story..
I’ll offer up praise, my voice I’ll raise. My life every place, is blessed with your Grace.

The next time your thirteen doesn’t rhyme with anything, try posting, thinking or speaking some awesome praises to God, while giving thanks in all things.

© 2013 Cat Brennan


6 thoughts on “Nothing Rhymes With Thirteen

  1. This is an amazing grace perspective! Well Holy Ghost thought out! But of course, look Who lives on the inside of you…..the Genius!
    Love you,

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