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Annie, The Pound Puppy

After a sixteen day vacation, I was ready to come home. I had such a wonderful time in New Mexico and managed to see nearly all of the people I wanted to see.  I spent a lot of time with family members and almost as much time with assorted friends.  The many reunions were blessings.   I experienced the Hand of God at work and prayerfully planted some Seeds.

One long-time friend provided fodder for this entry for Collateral Grace and I pray I can do it justice. My friend is Larry.  I’ve known him for about 20 years; he’s my brother from another mother.

My old friend was born, apparently, unwanted.  His birth mother dropped him off at an orphanage 60 miles away from her home town.  She told her mom that she miscarried and she told her husband the baby was still born.  She gave him no name, no clothing, no diapers – NOTHING!  This reminded me of someone dropping off an unwanted pup out in the middle of nowhere; up on the mesa or out in the country.  Can you imagine this kind of a start to life? Larry was just tossed into an orphanage ‘pound’ for unwanted children.

Somehow, Larry’s grandmother learned of his existence and went to the orphanage and claimed this baby boy.  Gramma adopted him, gave him an identity, a home, a mother’s love and raised him as her own.  Larry grew up thinking his birth mother was his sister.

In spite of this rocky start, Larry grew into a fine man and a good citizen; more importantly, Larry came to know he was a child of God.

Larry’s story doesn’t end here.  Sadly, Larry’s dog, Silver, aged and passed on.  He wanted another dog. He knew that he didn’t want a pedigree nor did he want a large dog. He did know that he wanted a kind and loving dog. After many attempts, Larry finally found the RIGHT dog. He found Annie.

Annie is a doe-eyed, sand-colored, not-too-large dog who has the temperament of a puppy and the gentleness of a kitten.  You see, Annie is just like Larry; she was a dropped off and unwanted pound puppy; that is until another pound puppy adopted her.

Just like God has adopted you and me, Larry adopted Annie.

Have you ever felt unwanted?  Are you one of those special ones who has been adopted? I’ve heard it said that (nearly) anyone can beget a baby, but it takes a special kind of love to adopt one who is not your very own flesh and blood.  Christians have a similar unique beginning.  Since Christ paid the price, we not only have an eternal home, but an eternal Father who adopted us; God chose us to be His.  That’s what adoption is all about; being chosen to be part of a family.  Romans 8:16 reads: The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.                                                                                             

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