Give Thanks #1

I believe it was Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt who said  “Comparison is the thief of joy.” That’s a mouthful, don’t you think?

If I am in the midst of comparing my life to another’s, then I’ve no time to realize all of my blessings; soon dissatisfaction will follow.

The only one with whom we should compare ourselves is God.  Am I loving? Am I kind? Am I generous?

Definitely NOT: Is my hair as long as hers? Do I have as much money as he does? Am I as strong as that person?

If we use the wrong ruler for life comparisons, we’ll ALWAYS fall short (no pun intended).

So, today, I give thanks for .. what .. ? How about my laptop? I don’t have to struggle with a typewriter anymore, which also means I don’t have to worry about typos or erasures or rewrites or white out.  Nope! I simply type something here, and if I don’t like it – whoosh! The sweep of my cursor or the back space arrow eliminates a lot of verbiage.

If you’ve ever typed on a typewriter, you understand. So, tonight, Father thank you for the ease of writing on a laptop.

Abba Father, forgive me, please, for all the times that I forget how good my life is and for all you’ve given me.


©2015 Cat Brennan


3 thoughts on “Give Thanks #1

  1. OMG! You remember typewriters? My grandkids just look at me with pity when I talk about those machines they’ve never seen. Thanks for the very good reminder about the negative impact of comparisons–and I won’t tell anybody about your hands-on contact with typewriters.

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