Election or Elect?

It’s been exactly eleven (11) months since I’ve written a post for Collateral Grace, but I feel, no, I believe, the Lord wanted me to write this.

It started out as a conversation earlier this evening regarding an email that contained a prophetic utterance. As I read, I felt very strongly that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about this election. No, I will NOT tell you that God told me to tell you for whom to vote.

No, I will NOT tell you that God told me to tell you for whom to vote.

This election is so much bigger than this election. Yes, you read that right.

It is so much greater than the people in the running; so much more important than the issues of name calling and blustering and screeching and accusing. Those are unfortunate sidebars and I think we’re all sick and tired of them. The sidebars or sandbars, if you will, are like quicksand and they’ve sucked the life out of many and tried to bury us all.

This is what I believe God wants me to tell you. Remember in the Old Testament when Israel wanted a king? Well, they got one. It didn’t bode well, but they got what they wanted. That’s where we are tonight. Are you ranting and yelling at God for YOUR candidate. Be careful what you ask for.

Many, many years ago, men and women, probably much like you and I, dedicated this country to God and asked His favor on our nation. That agreement, that covenant, was called the Mayflower Compact. It was signed on November 11, 1620 – it has been in place for 396 years!  Since then, He has favored the United States with wealth and prosperity. We became the Greatest Nation in the World. We have been called the Most Powerful Nation in the World and I believe we still are. NO ONE has canceled that covenant. No one has rendered it null and void. At least, not yet.

And now, our future hangs in the balance, perhaps held in place by a mere web of prayers. Those prayers are strong in that they hold the belief in the Love and Strength of the One True God to be as sacred as the day in which the Compact was entered.

So, what are YOU asking God for? Do you want the liberals defeated? Or perhaps, you want the conservatives squashed. Neither matters. What does matter is what God wants.

Have you asked Him? Have you gone before God as the Israelites did? Have you gone before God as the early Mayflower pilgrims did?

If you want God’s will in our nation, your voice must be the loud one.

May God continue to bless America. May God continue to bless you.

© 2016 Cat Brennan

For more information about the Mayflower Compact, please click here.



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